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Inmates are encouraged to ask for their favourite foods Twix and Snickers candy bars are frequent requests. Volleyball nets, PlayStation games and Ping Pong and foosball tables are all provided. The atmosphere at the center — which I visited several times earlier this year — is almost eerily cosy and congenial, with mattresses and rugs spread on stubbly patches of lawn for inmates to lounge upon. With few exceptions, the men wear their beards untrimmed and their thobes, the long garments that most Saudi men wear, cut above their ankles in the style favored by those who wish to demonstrate strict devotion to Islam. The men are pleasant but many seem a bit puffy and lethargic; one 19 year old inmate, Faisal al Subaii, explained that they are encouraged to spend most of their daytime hours in either rest or prayer. In Saudi Arabia, psychological disorders are often understood as the results of a person finding himself somehow outside the traditional circle of family and community. Most of the counselling that the inmates receive is focused on helping them to develop more healthful family relationships. “We use Western psychiatric techniques together with Islamic techniques,” T. M. Otayan, the centre’s staff psychologist, says, referring to the intensive religion classes. A number of the inmates have received diagnoses of antisocial personality disorder, he adds, but he claims serious mental illness among the former jihadists is rare.

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foosball table top view

3 / 5Leonhart is a German company that manufactures professional grade foosball tables.

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A ball that is spinning in place is not considered to be a dead ball.

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